About Us


RAVEL has sophisticated and well integrated manufacturing system well equipped and self-sufficient in terms of man power and machinery. The corporate office and work unit is located in Electronics Industrial Estate with a 10000 sq ft plant area.

Design and Development

Our Design and Development division with budding talents is fully focused on incorporating and innovating our factory made products line up adapting to the latest technological advancements. Our production facility is staffed with well experienced and qualified work force with total dedication. At RAVEL, the accelerating pace of technological advances mandates our business growth dramatically. RAVEL's experience in the Industry, has gained unsurpassed excellence to design, develop, implement and support its technical solutions.

Mechanical Fabrication Section

Maintained by qualified professionals, we are fully equipped with relevant calibrated measuring & testing instruments and use necessary dyes, tools, jigs and fixtures for all operations. We also use shearing machine, fly press, arc, spot and stud welding machines.

Electronic Assembly

Ravel’s working environment is static free and Posses advanced manufacturing system (Pick & Place Machine) starting from component forming to Wave Soldering Machines for electronic card assembly. We use power assisted tools for assembling finished products. We maintain well stacked inventory of raw materials, semi finished & finished goods handled by qualified professionals.

Production Capability

RAVEL has a manufacturing capacity of over 10000 panels per annum which covers Microprocessor based Addressable, Conventional , Gas Release as well as Repeaters.

Our factory trained, fully competent and committed technical team stationed at Headquarters is ever ready to attend to the customer calls with the least down time


Quality has been an obsession for RAVEL GROUP with compliance to IS-2189 Standards all through its existence. This is asserted by the fact that repeated orders are being favoured on RAVEL by OEMs, MNCs and turnkey project contractors. RAVEL products undergo stringent quality tests to meet out International Standards at every stage of manufacturing.